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Your Right to a Speedy Trial in Missouri

July 19, 2022

According to the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all criminal defendants are guaranteed the right to a speedy and public trial, among many other rights. If this right is denied, the case may be dismissed.  Generally, the Constitution guarantees a speedy trial to prevent defendants from being held in jail for too long before […]

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Understanding Probable Cause in Criminal Defense Cases

July 12, 2022

According to the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, law enforcement must have probable cause before arresting an individual, searching or seizing their property, or obtaining a warrant.  The founding fathers saw fit to include the Fourth Amendment because they recognized how important it was for every citizen to be protected against unreasonable government intrusions.  […]

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Breaking and Entering Vs Trespassing in Missouri

July 5, 2022

Breaking and entering and trespassing may seem like similar crimes. However, they can lead to very different outcomes in criminal cases. Generally, trespassing involves entering or remaining on or in a property without permission.  On the other hand, Missouri does not have a “breaking and entering” law in the criminal code. What is commonly referred […]

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