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Getting charged with a DWI can seriously impact your life, whether or not you are ultimately convicted. From the moment you are arrested, a series of events goes into motion with time-sensitive consequences.

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One of the first things you should do following an arrest is to contact a criminal defense attorney who can help you through this process and ensure you meet every deadline following your arrest in Jefferson City.

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The criminal defense lawyers at Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC have years of experience and a history of success representing clients for DWI charges in Jefferson City, and we will be happy to do the same for you. 

Contact us for an initial consultation with our DWI lawyers to discuss the specifics of your Missouri arrest and any other relevant details that can help us understand your criminal case. 

Any additional traffic citations or motor vehicle-related issues may complicate your case under Missouri law. They can add to additional criminal charges, and we will need to work closely to develop a strategy together.

We will explain our process and how we will work towards the best possible outcome. Remember that a charge does not equal a conviction, and we may be able to work towards an alternative dispensation from the courts. 

A Jefferson City criminal DWI lawyer can help you with these complicated steps towards the best possible outcome after being charged with driving under the influence.

The Importance Of Working With a DUI Attorney

When you show up in court for your arraignment after a DUI/DWI arrest, you will face the Missouri law system that has been designed to move towards a conviction as quickly as possible. Missouri law is complicated, and DWI law can feel impossible to make sense of after being charged with drunk driving. We are here to help.

The legal complexities of Missouri DUI charges can quickly overwhelm a defendant, and many people plead guilty at their arraignment when the prosecution offers a “reduced sentence” without a drawn-out court battle. This is a significant decision to make. You should not make it without the support of an experienced DWI/DUI Jefferson City attorney who will build a comprehensive criminal defense on your behalf. 

While alternative sentencing can be a great way to expedite the criminal process — or avoid criminal charges on your record — the reality is that you will want to work with a Missouri attorney who understands the long-term impacts of this decision. The prosecution is looking for a conviction, so you must partner with a DWI attorney who can help you.

Stay On Top Of Deadlines

The moment you are arrested triggers an automatic driver’s license suspension through the Missouri Department of Revenue which does not consider whether or not your charges are ultimately dropped or even if you are found to be not guilty. 

At your arrest, the police will take your license and issue you a 15-day temporary driver’s license in its place. At the end of this time, your license will be suspended by the Department of Revenue unless you request and complete an Administrative Review with the Department – which you will need to order. 

The Administrative Review

This Administrative Review is not the place to ask for forgiveness or alternative solutions – the reviewer does not care about your medical needs, education, or work-related requirements for transportation. 

Your best bet is to let your attorney handle this process so that you can continue to drive while your case is open in court. If you fail to go through this hearing within 15 days, your license will be suspended.

This is one of many details that you will need to stay on top of to ensure that your case goes smoothly. Yet, without the help of an experienced and dedicated DWI/DUI attorney in Jefferson City, these details can quickly overwhelm you and continue to complicate your experience.

Get Advice Every Step Of The Way

Our DWI attorney in Jefferson City will keep a close eye on your case and provide you with criminal defense and legal advice as each new detail arises. On your own, it can feel like there is no hope for a reasonable outcome, reduced sentence, dismissal, or alternative penalty; however, it can be easy to stay positive through the process and focus instead on the things that you can control when you have the right legal representation working for you.

We Are Here For You

Knowing that there is someone that you can call and get answers to your questions is an excellent source of stress relief through this overwhelming process. The defense attorneys at Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC will help you understand the specifics of your case and will be happy to clarify your doubts in as much detail as you need. 

Identify Alternative Outcomes

Prosecutors prey on the uncertainty and confusion of defendants who are either representing themselves or working with inexperienced defense attorneys. This is when these defendants are likely to accept their charges and plead guilty, which is a “win” for the prosecution. 

While it is true that DUI charges are serious, it is also true that there are many different ways to resolve that your attorney will be able to explain to you in great detail and for which your lawyer will build a strong case on your behalf.

First DWI Cases

Many first DWI cases can result in up to six months of jail time, $1,000 in fines, and a 90-day license suspension. From there, the penalties increase. However, the state of Missouri does allow courts to make plea bargains or even dismiss charges, so working with your lawyer early will help you both understand the layout of your case and start to build a roadmap towards the best-case scenario. 

In Jefferson City and the rest of Missouri, facing a second and third DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offense triggers increasingly severe legal consequences. 

For a second DUI conviction, the individual encounters worse penalties compared to their first offense. This typically involves mandatory jail time, a longer license suspension, and steeper fines. The court may also mandate the completion of a substance abuse program and community service. Additionally, an ignition interlock device might be required, forcing the individual to blow into the device to test their blood alcohol content before starting the vehicle. 

If someone proceeds to a third DUI offense, the consequences escalate significantly. Missouri law treats third-time offenders as persistent offenders, resulting in even more severe penalties. A mandatory minimum prison sentence is imposed, and fines are substantially increased. The driver is more than likely looking at a lengthy license suspension. As well, the court might order the forfeiture of their vehicle. Community service and enrollment in a substance abuse treatment program may also be mandatory, as the court views this type of habitual offender as having a disorder that not only makes them a danger to themselves but to others as well. The ignition interlock device is likely to remain a requirement. 

It’s also worth noting that the social and personal consequences of multiple DUI convictions are profound, sure to impact a person’s employment, relationships, and overall quality of life. Legal representation is crucial at this stage, as navigating the complex legal system becomes increasingly challenging. It is important for individuals facing second and third DUI offenses in Missouri to seek legal counsel promptly from Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC. Our legal team is here to help those who have gotten a DUI understand their rights, potential defenses, and options for mitigating the severe consequences associated with multiple DUI convictions.

Partner With the Right Lawyer

You deserve to partner with a Missouri criminal defense lawyer who is determined to protect your rights. In many instances, a first DUI/DWI may be dismissed or reduced in exchange for outpatient rehabilitation treatment and education and many other options that our attorneys will discuss with you during your initial consultation and throughout our work together. 

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Reach out to us as soon as possible after being charged with driving while intoxicated. Our DWI defense team has years of legal experience with a range of traffic violations and DWI cases, and you will benefit from working with a DWI attorney in Jefferson City MO.