How Many Points Is a DWI in Missouri?

Photo of Drunk Driving

Driving a vehicle while intoxicated is a serious offense that carries serious consequences. Your driver’s license may be in danger depending on the points placed on it, and those who drive a commercial motor vehicle for work may lose their jobs. 

So how many points is a DWI in Missouri? If you’re concerned about how a DWI can impact your future, contact an attorney for help protecting your driving record and avoiding suspension or revocation.

How Does Missouri’s Point System Work?

The Missouri Department of Revenue assigns points to a driver’s record when they commit a traffic violation. This point system affects your driver’s license over time and can impact your driving privileges. New points build up over time, and if you’re convicted of a DWI, you may receive eight or more points on your license. That can affect your driving record if you do not seek out an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help protect it.

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, you may face an immediate suspension and points. Enough points on a person’s record can even lead to the revocation of your license.

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DWI Convictions and Points On Your Missouri Driving Record

If convicted of a DWI, your license may be affected. A suspended or revoked license means you’re facing much more than a traffic ticket.

Following your conviction, you may also receive a point accumulation advisory letter. This letter arrives after receiving four points in 12 months and informs you that you may need to take action to get your total remaining points reduced or face a license suspension.

While a DWI leads to an automatic suspension, you may also face a longer-term suspension if you already have too many points on your license. Even if this is your first alcohol-related traffic offense, the additional points may be enough to warrant more severe consequences. 

Legal Consequences of DWI-Related Points

Even if this is your first offense, a DWI conviction can lead to serious penalties, such as limited driving privileges.

Legal consequences for a DWI can lead to more than points on your driver license. You may also face fines, jail time, and increased insurance premiums. A DWI conviction can leave you facing legal consequences for a long time. That is why it’s vital to speak with an attorney when you’re charged with a DUI.

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How to Address Points from a DWI

Now that you know how Missouri’s point system works, know there are options for you to reduce your total record points. State law provides certain reinstatement requirements and opportunities for those whose license is suspended or revoked.

For example, you may have the option to attend a driver improvement program to reduce your total points. If you have a traffic conviction that led to your license being revoked, you can pay a reinstatement fee and retake your driving test following the revocation. 

You can also avoid accumulating points by fighting back when you are accused of a moving violation. Your attorney can give you case-specific responses as well as legal representation in the courtroom.

Penalties for Subsequent Convictions

A single conviction can lead to the suspension of your license. But what if you’re facing a subsequent offense or even multiple convictions? For example, you may have also gotten a speeding ticket.

If you have multiple driving violations, the number of points will continue to grow. If you hit the road as an unlicensed driver, that can lead to even more serious convictions.

You may face a license revocation if you have a third suspension or more. This may also be the case if you have been convicted of a felony involving a motor vehicle. Talk to your attorney about traffic laws impacting your case and the steps you can take to protect your license.

Seek Out a DWI Attorney in Jefferson City 

When the total points on your license endanger your driving privileges, you may need to take action. Non-moving violations, speeding tickets, and alcohol-related convictions can lead to major issues with your license.

Fortunately, an attorney at Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC can help you take action and avoid a conviction. If you believe your license is in danger, contact our team for a consultation by calling or filling out our online contact form.