Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Jefferson City, MO

Being arrested and charged with a DUI offense after you drank and then operated a motor vehicle is one of the most stressful experiences you can have in life. If you or your loved one find yourself in this kind of situation, your best bet to avoid serious criminal convictions is to hire an attorney who specializes in Missouri DUI law and criminal justice. 

Hiring a DUI lawyer to thoroughly evaluate the details of your unique case can give you a good chance at protecting your future after you have been intoxicated and involved in a car accident in the state of Missouri. Choose an experienced Jefferson City, Missouri, law firm to stand by your side after a DWI incident involving a car accident. A reputable attorney who specializes in criminal defense can help you protect your rights, such as keeping or reinstating your driver’s license if your DUI incident caused it to be revoked. 

At Kirsch & Kirsch, we are passionate about helping you move forward with your life in the most positive way possible. We will work hard to gather and examine all the information regarding your case in order to develop a solid legal defense strategy for you. Minimizing the harsh penalties that result from a car accident involving DWI requires the understanding and knowledgeable approach of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. When you choose us to advocate on your behalf in a court of law, we can help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible. Navigating the complexities of the aftermath when you have been in a car accident after drinking alcohol can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help. 

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What Is a DUI?

When a person chooses to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the cognitive faculties are impaired, and being able to respond to the driving environment quickly and appropriately is necessary for safe driving. Therefore, the state of Missouri prioritizes safe travel on all roads and highways, meaning strict laws regarding driving while intoxicated, especially when car accident victims are involved. When consuming alcohol, your body accumulates a concentration of alcohol in your blood, referred to as BAC or blood alcohol concentration. It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle with BAC levels above the accepted range. Other mind-altering substances can also bring on a charge of driving while drunk. If you face charges such as these in or near Jefferson City, Missouri, call our car accident lawyers at Kirsch & Kirsch today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Our legal team has helped many people overcome the hurdles faced when DUI charges arise. We will provide you with the best legal counsel available and help you fight for a fair defense in your case.

Fines and Financial Problems After DWI

Choosing to hire an experienced DUI lawyer can appear to be an expensive undertaking at first glance. The reality, however, is the legal guidance our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers offer you will end up being invaluable throughout your legal proceedings. This will be your best opportunity for the possibility of lesser sentencing and softening harsh punishment. Facing a drunk driving charge is an expensive problem to deal with, so it doesn’t make sense to try to face these challenges alone. You need a legal team by your side who understands all sides of the legal process and can guide you toward a better outcome. The possibility of any potential leniency in your sentencing and possibly having some charges dropped is greater when you have car accident lawyers who know how to support a driver being charged with DWI. 

Court fines after being ticketed and charged at fault for a car accident can be very expensive, depending on many details and events surrounding the incident. Your attorney can advocate that sentencing and fines be lessened for you. Some of the possible benefits and preferred outcomes that can be requested as alternatives to harsh penalties in your favor include:

  • Driver’s License reinstatement for a fee
  • Installation of Ignition Interlock Device
  • Alternate transportation options while driving privilege is suspended
  • Court-ordered substance abuse education courses
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Evidence and Testing

At the scene of DWI arrest, law enforcement officials may ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test. The officer at the time uses it to determine if their suspicion that you were driving under the influence had any evidence backing it. It is a preliminary test but not necessarily the only piece of evidence required for conviction. They may have later subjected you to additional testing in order to further develop their scope of evidence. There will be many details regarding your testing and arrest process that must be considered while your legal team focuses on building a legal defense in your case. 

It is always possible that the details and evidence in your case can be challenged, and there could be many various reasons to support this claim. This is why it is so important you have experienced attorneys handling your case. Anything that will be presented in a court of law should be thoroughly considered from every angle. Sometimes there are important inconsistencies or other issues that must be addressed in order to hold you accountable or may suggest possible innocence. Our law firm has much experience with such situations, and at times, this approach has resulted in lighter sentencing or dismissal altogether. 

Choosing Legal Defense

Our team of criminal defense lawyers has provided legal representation to many individuals facing significant challenges after a car accident caused by DUI. You have rights that must be upheld and protected and choosing attorneys who care about your case and getting the best outcome for you will make all the difference. We will work hard to negotiate lesser sentencing options on your behalf and do all we can to get your life back on the right track. Call today for your free consultation.