Understanding Conspiracy Charges in Missouri

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Common sense tells us that if no crime is committed, then no criminal charges can be filed. However, in the case of conspiracy in Missouri, you simply need to agree to commit a crime, and you can face criminal charges. 

With that in mind, conspiracy to commit a crime is a class C offense. That means that a conviction could lead to prison time, fines, probation, and a criminal record. 

If you’re charged with conspiracy in Missouri, it’s in your best interest to consult with a proven conspiracy defense lawyer as soon as possible. We’ve helped countless clients to overcome criminal charges. We’re confident in our ability to help you as well. 

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What is Considered Conspiracy in Missouri?

According to § 562.014 RSMo., a person commits the offense of conspiracy if they (in any way) agree with another person or group to commit an A, B, or C felony, and any member of the conspiracy does any act in furtherance of the agreement.

Individuals who “prevent the accomplishment” of the criminal conspiracy goals and renounce their criminal purpose are not guilty of of conspiracy. However, this is often a question for the jury.

Generally, a conviction for conspiracy charges in Missouri requires the following, but not limited to: 

  • An explicit or implicit agreement to commit a crime exists between two or more parties, and
  • An act toward the crime’s commission by any one of the members of the agreement. 

It’s important to note that mere knowledge of an intent to commit a crime is not considered conspiracy. However, agreeing to participate in the act is almost always a crime. Additionally, you don’t have to know the identity of each co-conspirator to face conspiracy charges. 

Common Conspiracy Charge Examples 

So long as the individual conspires to commit a qualifying felony in Missouri, they can be charged with conspiracy. A few of the most commonly charged conspiracy crimes include: 

  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Armed robbery conspiracy charges
  • Battery conspiracy charges
  • Theft conspiracy charges
  • Murder conspiracy charges

If you’ve recently been charged with a criminal offense, it’s in your best interest to consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Jefferson City, Missouri, that you can trust. 

Penalties For Criminal Conspiracy in Missouri

Criminal conspiracy is a class C felony in Missouri. It is punishable by up to seven years in prison, up to $10,000 in fines, and up to five years probation. 

Potential Defenses to Missouri Conspiracy Crimes

Conspiracy charges can be linked to many types of crimes. With that in mind, there are various defenses your criminal defense lawyer can use. Listed below are a few of the most common defenses to conspiracy charges. 

  1. You did not agree to participate in the agreement. 
  1. You withdrew from the agreement and prevented the crime from being committed in a way that shows you no longer had a criminal purpose.
  1. The agreement was not to commit a qualifying offense.

Conspiracy requires a specific intent to participate in a crime and continued conduct in furtherance of that goal by one of the conspirators. If the prosecution lacks evidence for either, they can’t achieve a conviction for conspiracy in Missouri.  

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Prosecutorial evidence in conspiracy cases is often flimsy. However, they sometimes circumvent weak evidence by offering unfair plea bargains while threatening severe consequences if you don’t accept them. 

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