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Erin Kirsch

"TJ is hands-down the best attorney I have ever had represent me or met.
I have had TJ represent me for a couple years now in multiple court cases.
He is the best attorney in Jefferson City. He treats his clients with respect and compassion."

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Fulton

If you are under investigation or have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need a skilled aggressive advocate to fight and protect you through every step of the criminal process. Our qualified team of attorneys will educate you on all of the options you face to get you the best possible result.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC will provide you with a qualified Fulton criminal defense attorney. Each attorney provided by Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC are certified by the state bar. Our law firm is built on a two-fold philosophy. The first is each defense provides strict attention to detail, a focus on the strengths of your case, and exploitation of the weaknesses of the case of the prosecution. And second, Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC provides a high level of personal and proactive attention.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC have a successful history defending clients that face a wide array of criminal defense charges. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC have helped numerous Fulton area clients receive reduced sentences, dropped charges, or better bail options. Thanks to many years of experience, Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC have built a sound reputation for delivering the best possible result in their criminal defense case.

If you are in need of proper representation for your criminal defense case, Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC is the law firm to depend on. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC have a successful history representing victims of criminal defense cases. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with the law offices of Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC, contact (573) 222-0826 today.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC
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Jefferson City, MO 65101
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Experienced Advocates. Practicing Excellence.