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Criminal Defense Attorney in Jefferson City, MO

Being charged with a crime, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, can have a serious impact on your life, as well as your family’s lives, if not handled properly. A conviction will have even more serious and widespread consequences, which is why working with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Jefferson City is one of the most important and responsible decisions that you can make following your arrest. The Missouri criminal courts are structured in a way that is extremely difficult for a defendant to navigate on their own, and the prosecutors who will be pushing to convict you have years, if not decades, of experience pushing for convictions. Without the help of a lawyer, it can feel impossible to work towards a fair and acceptable outcome to your case, but the team at Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC is here to help.

Our team has years of experience defending a range of criminal cases, and we will be happy to help you with your own situation as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss the specifics of your charges, provide you with examples of past cases that we have successfully defended similar to your own, and provide you with insight that will give you peace of mind in the early days following your arrest. Knowing that there is someone out there who is dedicated to fighting your charges and helping you navigate the complex legal world can help to reduce stress and let you focus on your personal needs while we start to build your case for you.

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The Importance Of Working With a Defense Attorney

Missouri prosecutors are focused nearly singularly on one thing: convictions. They will not be interested in exploring additional options for your case, and will not go out of their way to evidence that is good for your case. They will be working to convince the jury that you are guilty on all counts, and you need someone on your side of the aisle making a case to ensure that all angles are explored and that the jury remembers that a charge is not a conviction.

Your defense starts on day one, so working with an attorney as early as possible, even before you are charged,extremely important. At your arraignment, it may seem appealing to submit a “guilty” plea in order to expedite the process, and potentially accept an alternative penalty offered at that time. This is almost never a good idea, and we will be able to guide you through this process.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The following are general examples of our criminal defense practice areas. Whether or not you see your situation mentioned explicitly below, request an initial consultation immediately so that we can discuss the specifics of your situation and get a better understanding of if and how we can work together through your case.

Being arrested for possession of controlled substances—whether for personal use, intent to distribute, or trafficking—can have serious consequences that may impact the rest of your life. However, being caught with a controlled substance does not mean that you will need to face the maximum recommended penalties in the state law or in the sentencing guidelines. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss your case and give you an understanding of how we can help you move forward, as well as to give you advice on the next steps you should take in order to improve your chances of a positive outcome in your case.

Being arrested and charged with DWI, otherwise referred to as DUI (driving under the influence) can have a serious impact on your life whether or not you are ultimately convicted. In fact, from the moment you are arrested for DWI, you will have 15 days to appeal to the Department of Revenue before your license is automatically suspended – completely separate from your criminal case. This is one of the many things that will go into motion immediately upon your arrest, all of which our firm will be able to help you navigate and ensure that you take all of the appropriate steps to either work towards a dismissal or sentencing alternative or otherwise work to minimize the impacts on your life.

Theft charges are some of the most common types of charges that we represent, but this does not mean that it is any less important to take a specific and unique approach to each client that we are defending. Context is important in all criminal charges, and we will work to understand the context and ensure that the judge and jury also understand, so that we can work towards a dismissal or reduced sentencing if and when possible. Keep in mind that even a misdemeanor theft charge can have serious, long-term impacts on your life, so while it may seem like submitting a guilty plea can be a good idea to get through the process, make sure that you do not do this without consulting with an attorney.

  • Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Crimes Against Children
  • Homicide
  • Assault

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After being charged with a crime, the following days and weeks can be very confusing. Before your arraignment, contact our firm so that we can discuss your situation and understand more about how we can work together. When you go into your arraignment represented by an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, you can stand in front of the judge with confidence knowing that you have the support that will help you navigate the complicated world of the Missouri criminal courts.

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