Domestic Violence Attorney in Jefferson City, MO

If you’ve been accused of a domestic violence crime, it’s a serious accusation. Domestic crimes can be based on claims of emotional abuse, economic restriction, and verbal threat. This crime is described as any form of coercive influence where one individual brings harm or intimidates another person with whom they have a domestic relationship. The defendant can be charged with domestic violence if the accuser claims that they’ve used physical force or the threat of physical force. 

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence or you’ve been charged with a domestic offense, speak with a domestic violence lawyer today. Contact the professional Jefferson City attorneys at Kirsch & Kirsch to discuss your case. 

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Common Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic abuse can be either emotional or physical or both. Psychological tactics include intimidation, isolation, and humiliation, in addition to physical threats. Here are some common types of abuse. Physical abuse pertains to physical attacks on the victim. 

Domestic Assault

According to Missouri law, domestic assault includes all types of threats against the victim that they are legally protected against. This can include the threat of violence, intimidation, or even touching the victim in an offensive way, even if it is not intended to cause injuries.

Domestic assault includes threats of violence against a victim with whom the accused has a domestic relationship. Domestic assault also includes physical contact that occurs with or without a weapon. Domestic assault may or may not produce injuries. It can also include an attack with improvised weapons such as a shoe, a belt, a purse, kitchen utensils, or other common objects that an assailant might use to cause harm to the victim.  


When an individual causes another deep emotional suffering and distress, this is a form of harassment. This is the intentional and purposeful act of causing someone to be in a state of anguish and despair, or “emotional distress.” Harassment can be charged based on verbal abuse or other conduct that is not speech.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault occurs when one person threatens or forces another to perform a sexual act. This can occur even if they’re married. Anything that is nonconsensual and considered to be sexual in nature is a form of sexual assault, which is a crime under Missouri law even if the individuals do not have a domestic relationship. 

Unlawful Imprisonment

This is the act of abducting, detaining, or confining a partner or family member against their will. Regardless of whether or not the individuals are married, a person cannot be confined against their will. This commonly happens when an individual is not able to leave their home or receive visitors because their spouse or another family member is not allowing it. 

What to do if You’re Charged With a Domestic Crime

Allegations of domestic violence are serious. If you’re arrested, you’ll have a criminal record and you could be facing jail or imprisonment, fines, and a loss of reputation in your family and community. Additionally, depending on the nature of the charge, you may be the respondent in a restraining order. But you have rights under the law. A criminal defense attorney, like the ones you will find at Kirsch & Kirsch, can build a criminal defense to help you attain the most favorable outcome possible. 

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Missouri

The Jefferson City criminal defense lawyers at Kirsch & Kirsch have handled some of the toughest domestic violence cases in the area and they have a solid record of success. If you’ve been accused of a domestic crime, you stand to lose a lot. Contact our office to speak to an attorney immediately. We will protect your rights under the law.