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Erin Kirsch

"TJ is hands-down the best attorney I have ever had represent me or met.
I have had TJ represent me for a couple years now in multiple court cases.
He is the best attorney in Jefferson City. He treats his clients with respect and compassion."

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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Lake of the Ozarks

Finding a skilled and hard-nosed criminal defense attorney who focuses on federal criminal defense cases is no easy task. Each and every one of our attorneys has a passion for criminal law that grows out of a belief that the criminal justice system is unfair and harsh to those who are not represented by a high-quality lawyer. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC assures our clients are treated with dignity and fairness.

When you call Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC, we provide you with a free initial consultation so you know exactly where you stand. There is someone on your side who can help guide you through the tangled web called the criminal justice system. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC knows federal criminal defense laws, and more importantly, we know the system.

If you are in need of a federal criminal defense attorney, turn to Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC for a compassionate and aggressive legal defense. Our attorneys are trained to skillfully advocate you through the legal process and treat you with the utmost respect at all times. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC are dedicated to providing our clients with a high-quality, personalized defense that will put their needs first.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC are devoted to putting the needs of our clients first. Do not wait any longer to get in contact with our professionals. Call our firm today at (573) 222-0826 and schedule your consultation.

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Experienced Advocates. Practicing Excellence.