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Erin Kirsch

"TJ is hands-down the best attorney I have ever had represent me or met.
I have had TJ represent me for a couple years now in multiple court cases.
He is the best attorney in Jefferson City. He treats his clients with respect and compassion."

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Guardianship Attorney Boonville

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC takes the time to sit down with each client to discuss the entire Boonville guardianship process from beginning to end. Our firm ensures you understand everything that is going to happen in your case. You will be told when those events will occur and what our attorneys can do navigate you through that process. As a result, you will be in control and empowered to pursue your goals actively.

Family law disputes involve personal and intimate details and may lead to emotional conflicts between spouses, separated parents, and other family members. The attorneys at Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC guide clients in Boonville and surrounding areas through these challenging legal issues with compassion, empathy, and expertise.

There are many elements to a guardianship case that people do not understand. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC takes the time to meet with you and explain the important decisions you have to make in black-and-white, easy-to-understand terms. Clients choose our Boonville firm because we are direct, straightforward, and honest.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC will work with you to create a plan that allows your family to start moving forward. Communication is paramount to the values of our firm and goals. Let our professionals work with you to make sure all your questions are answered and your worries are cleared.

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Experienced Advocates. Practicing Excellence.