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Erin Kirsch

"TJ is hands-down the best attorney I have ever had represent me or met.
I have had TJ represent me for a couple years now in multiple court cases.
He is the best attorney in Jefferson City. He treats his clients with respect and compassion."

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Orders of Protection Lawyer Jefferson City

Legal issues involving families are some of the most difficult and emotionally-charged problems to resolve, even more so when children are involved. Our dedicated attorneys help all of our clients seek resolutions that consider not only the welfare of the parents but also that of any involved. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC are empathetic and compassionate attorneys that will not only educate you, but will support you through the process.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC strives to perfect everything we offer. We draw from our past experience and work hard to make certain that everything is handled correctly and nothing is overlooked. We take pride in providing thoughtful representation designed to help you move forward with your life after your orders of protection matter is resolved.

When representing you, we bring not only my extensive legal experience but also the sensitivity, attention, and understanding that the highly charged, emotional issues accompanying family discord require and deserve. Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC understands how stressful these situations are and our goal is to take away some of the stress and make the process easier.

Always providing clients with compassion, support, and honesty, Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC will be there for you every step of the orders of protection process. When you need a skilled family law firm that provides each client with individualized attention and care, contact Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC.

Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC
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Experienced Advocates. Practicing Excellence.