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Erin Kirsch

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Grandparents Rights Attorney Rolla

Grandparents rights and other family law disputes are sensitive family issues that are scary and stressful. It is human nature to fear uncertainty and the unknown. In the uncertain time during your case, it is critical to making sure you work with an attorney you can trust. At Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC, you will have a lawyer who can protect your interests through your family-related matters.

At Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC, we put family first. We understand that each family has unique challenges, and we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to reach solutions that meet their unique legal needs. By encouraging cooperation and understanding, we help our Rolla clients find lasting resolutions that promote the long-term success of their families.

Our mission is simple. Our Rolla family law attorneys want to help you resolve each and every legal issue that arises so you can go forward with your new life. From the moment you sit down with our firm, until the day that your case is settled, we are at your side every step of the way.

At Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to find creative solutions even when high emotions are involved. We are known for our thorough preparation, aggressive representation, and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards. Contact (573) 222-0826 to schedule a consultation.

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Experienced Advocates. Practicing Excellence.