Missouri DWI Expungement

A depiction of Missouri DWI criminal record expungement forms.

Do you have a first-time DWI conviction on your record? If so, you may qualify for a DWI expungement in Missouri. However, you must meet all requirements and wait at least ten years after a conviction to apply. 

The benefits of a DWI expungement in Missouri include the ability to deny or not mention a past conviction, a clear criminal record, more job opportunities, and a restored reputation. 

In the article, you will learn: 

  • Missouri DWI / DUI Expungement Rules
  • Whether an Expungement Can Be Seen on Your Record 
  • How to Apply for an Expungement in Missouri 

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Missouri DUI Expungement Rules

According to the Missouri DWI expungement statute (MO. Rev. Stat. § 610.130), specific individuals may qualify for expungement for alcohol-related offenses. However, you must meet the following requirements, but not limited to: 

  • You can only have one misdemeanor DWI conviction on your record (not including convictions for CDL operators). Felony DWI convictions are not eligible for expungement. 
  • No other alcohol-related convictions are on your record. 
  • Wait at least ten years from the date of conviction to apply. 
  • Attend a DWI expungement hearing and await a judge’s decision. 

It’s important to note that individuals convicted of a first-time DWI are only eligible for one DWI expungement in their lifetime. That means that if you successfully have your DWI record expunged, you will not be eligible to have another conviction taken off your record. 

Second-time and subsequent convictions are ineligible for expungement, regardless of the situation. Generally, eligibility for a DWI expungement also requires a guilty plea or conviction. Individuals who accept plea agreements for decreased charges are typically not eligible for a DUI expungement. 

Can an Expungement Be On Your Record? 

If you’ve been granted a DUI expungement in MO, it’s essentially no longer viewable on your criminal record. That means that you don’t have to acknowledge the DWI arrest, plea, trial, conviction, or expungement under most circumstances. 

How to Apply For an Expungement in Missouri For DWI

Before you can apply for a DWI expungement in Missouri, you must: 

  1. Wait for a minimum of 10 years after your conviction
  2. Pay off all fines and court costs associated with the convictions
  3. Completed parole or probation
  4. Avoid another DWI or alcohol-related conviction 

Once you’re sure that you’re eligible, you must file a petition with the court within the county where you were charged or convicted. Generally, it costs about $250 to file for an expungement. 

However, it’s essential to note that applying for an expungement for a driving while intoxicated conviction doesn’t guarantee that you will receive one. Sometimes, the state may file an objection to your expungement.  If that happens, it’s best to consult with a Jefferson City DUI expungement lawyer. 

How Can A Lawyer Help Me Get a DWI Taken Off My Record? 

If you’re worried about the consequences of a DWI conviction on your record, it’s likely in your best interest to consult a Missouri DWI attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can potentially help in the following ways: 

  • Before the conviction – Depending on the circumstances of your case, your attorney may be able to mount a solid defense to have your charges decreased or dismissed. That way, you don’t have to worry about expunging DWI convictions. 
  • After a conviction – Your attorney can help ensure that you submit flawless DWI expungement paperwork and facilitate a faster process. Further, your attorney can represent you at an expungement hearing and respond to objections from the state (if any). 

Generally, the best strategy to handle DWI offenses is to take action as soon as you’re charged. Many of the most severe consequences to first-time DUI charges are preventable if you have a solid criminal defense strategy. 

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